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Seriously though.

I am known for writing cursed JavaScript applets but this one, went above my own charts.

So, lets glance over this curse.


It occured to me while watching the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis demo Overdrive by the demo/art group TiTAN, while I was always amazed with the audiovisual work, this exact moment on the demo gets me thrilling every single time (timestamped embed):


(I started writing this at the beginning of May 2020, and probably finalizing near July; so yeah be warned.)

Ever since I released my writeup about the (in)security of Türk Telekom's home gateway management, the VoIP config I found stuck in my head.

This led to many attempts to create a large home phone system. I failed hard. However in the process of doing that, I learned how cursed SIP services are and even got a free Cisco IP Phone from an ISP contact.

SIP Trunking not working with...correct data?

SIP servers/gateways never completely follow the actual standards guiding the protocol.


So, I finally made a blog. I have to thank Ave for introducing Writefreely to me.

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