somehow becoming a sysadmin at 20

I started to work at Trendyol, one of the largest e-commerce companies in Turkey, at March 17th (2021) and it's... bizzare to me still.

I've been educating myself about [[many, many things]] for over 10 years, with having a peak at 2019 because I got jealous of a friend who got a /24 of IPv4 space.

The more I started to mess with enterprise systems, I started to realize that I am really having fun managing and learning from them. famous last words

So after many depressive moments, I decided to just wing it and apply to jobs on LinkedIn. One Sunday night I apply to Trendyol and literally the next morning I get a call for scheduling a meeting. Fast-forward a month, I was in!

The systems team is over 140 people and uh, I'm the youngest.

The entire Tech division is open for changes, which is uhh... Open to Chaos, I guess? And I like chaos! famous last words, again

I already started learning different technologies (I hope I can talk about them in the future, maybe) and I hope this won't end.

I'm really, really happy.

for those wondering, my corporate title is “Associate System Administrator” but within the company, I am in the infra team with a sub-group handling load balancer nodes.

Post-publish edit (2021-06-14): Thinking more about this, I do realize that (as a white person) achieving this is also a privilege. This doesn't have to be a privilege. I don't know how to start, but I guess speaking up is a good way to begin. I can't dictate you what to do, but I guess you can start supporting places like The Privilege Escalation Foundation.

Post-publish edit (2021-06-21): Forgot to say that We're hiring!

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