Thrilling moments in Audiovisual works

It occured to me while watching the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis demo Overdrive by the demo/art group TiTAN, while I was always amazed with the audiovisual work, this exact moment on the demo gets me thrilling every single time (timestamped embed):

God dammit strobe you're a genius.

The same feeling happens on the 1987-93 intro of Tomorrow's World as well (not a timestamped embed but it happens around the scene transition at 0:20):

IMDB says that the tune was “Written and performed by Joe Campbell and Paul Hart”. A big thanks to them and the graphic design team at the time at the BBC who made the magnificent intro.

This “thrill” comes from multiple angles. Like having a somewhat wide tune knowledge or just having a greater respect to the appreciated work.

Moments like these are also the composer's goal. To make them thrilled to be in the moment, pulling them into the wormhole of whats coming next.

I miss these kinds of productions on today's world.

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